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How Many Drunk Driving Cases Has Your Defense Attorney Handled?

The Epps Law Group is one of the premier DUI defense law firms in north metro Atlanta and North Georgia. DUI defense attorney Kyle Epps provides our clients with an aggressive representation against misdemeanor or felony DUI charges (including underage DUI charges).

Do Not Wait To Get Legal Help

Hire a DUI attorney as quickly as possible after your arrest. From the date of your arrest, you have only 10 days to correctly file the appropriate paperwork or you automatically lose your driver’s license.

If you’ve been charged with DUI, police and prosecutors are already working on securing a guilty verdict. Do not wait to start your defense. Call us today at 678-648-4940 or contact us online. Consultations are free.

Who Do You Want On Your Side?

As a former police officer and former prosecutor, attorney Kyle Epps was involved in the arrest and prosecution of thousands of DUI offenders. He knows the procedures that must be followed during the arrest and the facts prosecutors must prove to obtain a guilty verdict. This inside experience allows him to spot holes in the state’s case, and then expose those holes to judges and juries. This approach provides strong, effective defenses that get results.

An Arrest Is Not A Conviction

A DUI arrest, or BUI arrest, is a serious legal matter; however, an arrest is not a conviction. As DUI lawyers our job is to make sure that your arrest becomes only a bad memory. The facts of your arrest, including the jurisdiction where it occurred, will determine our options to manage your DUI defense. Our law firm will leverage every legal point, favorable fact and strategic move to affect a favorable outcome for your case. We fight to win, in or out of court.

We Can Help You Avoid The Consequences Of A DUI

DUI attorneys have to address not only the charge itself, but also the many smaller pieces of the puzzle. In Georgia, anyone who is arrested for DUI can expect initial jail time, potential loss of driving license, extended jail time, community service, fines and a lot of headaches. As your attorney you get the full benefit of our experience in understanding Georgia DUI laws. We fight for the dismissal of DUI charges; however, we are skilled trial lawyers with no fear of fighting an alcohol-related arrest in court and prevent a criminal conviction.

Misdemeanor DUI Charges

Misdemeanor charges have the lightest penalties; however, this does not mean that it is not a problem that needs serious attention. If convicted, you will have a lifelong criminal record. In the immediate time you will have to deal with hefty fines, community service, attendance of a special DUI class, and probably have some actions taken against your driving privileges. Our DUI defense attorneys take a top to bottom review of your arrest in order to develop the best possible DUI defense. We look for problems in the traffic stop, investigation, testing and other flaws in the prosecutor’s case.

Felony DUI Charges

Felony charges result from a DUI arrest made on a person with prior DUI convictions. If this describes your situation you need to immediately hire a DUI attorney. If your DUI involved a car wreck, extensive property damage, or the death of any persons you are probably facing other felony charges. We are not only experienced DUI attorneys but also aggressive criminal defense attorneys. This combined experience makes us ideally suited to defend anyone from felony DUI charges or criminal charges stemming from a felony DUI arrest.

Underage DUI Charges

Underage charges are treated very harshly in order to make a lasting impression on the person arrested. In Georgia, anyone charged with underage DUI, possession of alcohol, or related alcohol offenses will be facing a number of problems. Underage drivers who are convicted of only .02 to .08 BAC will be facing a six-month license suspension, and those with a BAC above .08 will be facing a one-year license suspension. Additionally there will be fines, court costs and extreme rate increases for whatever auto insurance you can find. We can defend underage persons charged with any alcohol offense in Georgia.

Boating Under The Influence

Boating under the influence (BUI) attorneys use many of the same tactics as a DUI defense for a BUI defense. A BUI is a serious charge. Fortunately for most persons charged with BUI there may be field sobriety tests or video evidence. We are very experienced, and highly effective, in fighting BUI charges.

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We urge you to call our law firm as soon as possible to set an appointment for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION with a DUI attorney. We will provide you with our professional opinion on what to expect, your legal options, and recommend a suitable course of action for an effective defense.