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Stalking Can Be Charged For Seemingly Innocent Behaviors

After the end of a romantic relationship, many men find themselves facing criminal stalking charges. Stalking is a serious criminal charge with severe repercussions. Know your rights. Know what constitutes stalking. Know what NOT to do.

What Is Stalking?

In Georgia, you can be charged with stalking for the following:

Contacting another person without his/her consent in any public or private place.

This includes any form of communication, including in person, via phone, mail, email, text or any other electronic communication.

Intimidating or harassing another person.

Your words and actions do not have to be intended to intimidate, it is enough if your behavior causes the other person emotional distress.

Contacting a person who has a restraining order against you.

It is important to remember, even if this person reaches out to you first, responds to you, comes to your home or approaches you in public, you can still be charged with stalking.

You also may not post the photo or contact information of the person for whom the restraining order benefits on an electronic media.

What NOT To Do

  • Do not contact your ex if he/she has told you to stop.
  • If there is a restraining order against you, do not email, text, call or approach your ex in person — even if she/he has reached out to you first.
  • Do not post anything about your ex on Facebook, Instagram or in any other electronic format — even if the post is something you consider flattering.
  • Do not ask friends or family to reach out to your ex on your behalf.

What TO Do If You Have Been Charged With Stalking

Contact The Epps Law Group. Attorney Kyle Epps used to prosecute people for a living, now he defends them. His prior experience as a Forsyth County Solicitor’s Office prosecutor and a police officer are invaluable when building defense strategies. He knows what the other side is going to do, how they will present evidence against you and what they need to prove to secure a guilty verdict.

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