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Facing Criminal Charges? You Need An Attorney With Experience, Skill And Determination.

If you are facing criminal charges, who do you want on your side? Someone who has only read about criminal defense strategies in a book? Or someone with decades of criminal defense experience and a proven record of results?Attorney Kyle Epps has been practicing criminal defense for over 20 years. Before that he was a prosecutor in the Forsyth County Solicitor’s Office – and before that he was a police officer. He knows how the criminal justice system works and how to make it work for you.Criminal charges carry severe, lifelong consequences. If you are serious about wanting to fight the charges, call us at 678-648-4940 for a free consultation.

We Fight For Dismissals, Acquittals And Deals When Required

The Epps Law Group is a premier criminal defense law practice in north metro Atlanta and North Georgia. We provide our clients with aggressive representation and counsel dealing with misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, including federal charges such as:

Misdemeanor Versus Felony

The “name of your criminal charge” does not necessarily indicate it as being a misdemeanor or a felony. Many charges can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending upon the circumstances. Circumstances for some charges may lead to federal charges. If you have been charged with, or are being investigated for, any criminal conduct you need to hire an attorney. We recommend speaking with our office to gain an accurate understanding of what you are now facing.

Did you know? If you are convicted of certain crimes, you will lose your right to own a gun. Learn more about your gun rights.

Why Hire Us For Your Defense?

Criminal Defense is a specialty of our law firm. When your case goes to trial you want to know that your defense attorney lives, eats and breathes criminal defense. When in court, you don’t want an attorney who is thinking like he is still working on the bankruptcy he handled this morning. Our trial lawyers know exactly how to prepare and manage a criminal defense case.

When you hire The Epps Law Group, you get the advantage of an experienced attorney who will create a brilliant defense strategy for your case. Additionally, with our very capable staff you can be assured that it will be easy to speak with someone who knows about your case.

We completely understand that clients want to always know what is going on, what to expect next, and hear from their defense attorney.

Client communication is one of our top priorities. Winning your case is THE top priority.

Jail Is No Place To Spend Your Days. Call Us Now.

Don’t let a case of poor judgment cause a lifetime of regret. Call 678-648-4940 today for a complimentary consultation with a defense attorney.