Is your child’s future at risk after a juvenile crime?

Each year in the United States two million children are arrested and convicted of juvenile crimes. Many of these occur in the state of Georgia. These range from simple offenses to serious felonies. These mistakes can have a lasting effect on your child’s future, including their chance of college admission. The last thing you might be thinking about when your child is arrested is college applications. However, how you handle the immediate situation after your child’s arrest can have long-term effects on your child’s future. Don’t let a mistake or poor judgment in your child’s juvenile years affect their college dreams. If your child has been arrested, contact our office today to learn your rights and preserve your child’s chances for college admission.

What do colleges look for in the admissions process?

It is no secret that colleges are becoming more and more selective. This is especially true as college applicant numbers rise in search of a degree to help ensure the chance at better future employment. College admissions panels review variables like test scores, grades, extracurricular activities, and personal essays. However, with selection criteria tightening, colleges are looking for ways to weed out other applicants. Some college are including background checks in its admissions process. This includes juvenile records. The more severe your child’s juvenile crimes record, the more likely it could affect their college admission.

Will a college find my child’s criminal record?

Portions of juvenile records are public information. A simple background check will provide information about when, where, and why a minor was arrested. Convictions, including juvenile crimes also show up in these searches. Unfortunately, a juvenile record does not automatically go away when your child turns 18. A college may run a background check and some applications even ask if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime.

What can I do to help my child preserve their future dreams?

When your child is arrested, the immediate need is quality and knowledgeable representation. The juvenile court is system different from the adult court system. In most cases, the juvenile system focuses on rehabilitation, but it still presents serious concerns and possible life-long consequences. In some cases, the State of Georgia can move to have a minor tried as an adult. Having a passionate, results-driven juvenile crimes attorney can increase the chances of a more desirable result. The lesser the charges, or even complete dismissal of charges, greatly improves the potential for not having a juvenile record follow them for the rest of their life.

Contact a Dawson County juvenile crimes attorney today

If your child has been ar­rested or is facing conviction you ­need quality, experienced representation. Their present situation can affect his or her future, including college dreams. Reach out to an experienced attorney can help protect your child’s future, including their college eligibility. An experienced attorney at The Epps Law Group can be essential in helping you understand your child’s legal options and make sure your child is adequately represented to minimize the future effect. Call us today at 678-456-4627.